Issue 14 | Sam YG x Banaue

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Issue 14 | Sam YG x Banaue

This sweater (slash, cuddle) weather-appropriate issue gives a special shout out to the solo trip enthusiasts, who brave the great big unknown alone! In this edition, we take radio DJ, host, speedster, and all-day funny man Sam YG to the surreal mountain town of Banaue, for some visual and cultural awakening and one-of-a-kind self-discovery.

Plus, with in-depth features on the popular rice terraces of the Cordilleras, the Ifugao people, Cavite’s organic farm-to-table servings, community engagement through stunning travel and drone photography, DOT Sec. Wanda Teo, the returning Metropolitan Theater Manila, taking kids to greater heights, and more, let this be your trigger to embrace that solo travel game, ‘cause it’s all about empowering YOU, dear Explorer.

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